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puffle care


the red puffle

the blue puffle

yellow puffle


the black puffle

pink puffle


purple puffle




A puffle is a small fluffy creature that penguins can keep as pets. They were first introduced to Club Penguin in the 2006 St. Patrick’s Day Party. Puffles can be bought at the Pet Shop for 800 coins each in seven different colours. Non-members can keep up to two puffles, which is handy because they can only buy two differnet colours, blue and red. Members can own up to twelve puffles and can buy any colour. If you end your membership, you will keep your puffles. This guide will tell you all about how to care about your puffles and what ones are availble.




The Puffle Player Card


Puffles have their own player cards. To see it, simply click them. The puffle player card has four buttons underneath the puffle. The play button, the cookie button, the walk button and the sleep button. Click the play button to play with your puffle. Click the cookie button to see the puffle inventory, which contains its food and its bath. Click the walk button to take your puffle for a walk (note: you must take off your current hand item to walk a puffle). Click the sleep button to make your puffle sleep. You can tell what mood your puffle is in by looking at the picture on the player card.

Caring For Your Puffle

It is important that you take good care of your puffle or it will run away. You can see how healthy your puffle is by looking at the three energy bars. There is the Energy Bar, the Health Bar and the Rest Bar. Feeding is one of the most important parts of puffle care. Standard Puffle O’s will take your puffle’s health bar to full. You can also feed your puffle bubblegum or cookies to make it do tricks. To feed your puffle, go to  It will stick its tongue out if it doesn’t want to eat it. To get your puffle’s health bar up, you must bath it and play with it. To make the rest bar go up, press the sleep button and your puffle will go to sleep. Your puffle tells you when it needs you to give it soemthing by thinking of it with a thought cloud. Your puffle will be sad if it has low bars and hapy if the bars are high.


Which Puffle?

There are seven types of puffle. Two of them can be bought by non-members. They are blue and red. The blue puffle is cheerful and loyal. It likes to play with a ball. The red puffle was discovered by Rockhopper. It is adventurous and likes to play with bowling pins and a cannon. The pink puffle is perhaps the cutest of them all. It plays with a skipping rope and a trampoline. The black puffle is the mysterious type and likes to play with a skateboard. When you feed it, it will burst in to flame! The green puffle loves to play and its favourite toys are the unicycle and the propeller cap. The purple puffle loves to party. It likes to play with a mirror ball and a bubble wand. The yellow puffle was discovered in November 2007. It is very creative and plays with a paintbrush and a film camera. It dreams of flying.


Famous Puffles

Puffles can be seen all over Club Penguin and are as loved as penguins like Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic. Perhaps the most famous puffle is Yarr, Rockhopper’s adventurous 1st mate. He was the first red puffle to be kept as a pet. Another famous puffle is the Keeper of the Boiler Room. He guards the speaker that conceals the Boiler Room enterance. It loves to dance in the Night Club. Aunt Arctic has five puffles. A green one, a purple one, a blue one, a pink one and a black one. The purple one and the green one once went missing. The last famous puffle is the yellow puffle at the Stage. He always gets involved in the Stage plays and loves to be creative. I call him maxamillion, but you can make up your own name for him! ;)

and there it is your own puffle guide


23 Responses

  1. Great guide for new penguins i like! (even though i know how to care 4 my puffles):)

  2. umm i think that members can have up to 16 puffles but idk about non members =]] plz visit my site… cpcheatercheats.zoomshare.com

  3. i am a member but ummmm i looked on youtube and it said that if you go to the pet shop and change to all your colors and dance for 1min and 10 sec then you open the puffle catolog and a rainbow puffle would be there

  4. hi umm im sorry to burst yur bubble sydney but i just tryed the rainbow puffle cheat…… it doesnt work

    Max’s Reply: I Know ill take it off

    • lol its not supposed to XD i forgot to take it off i did the same thing but they might make a ninja puffle!!!!!! be sure to check it out soon ok.ill post about it!

  5. i just got a new black puffle toy today!!!

  6. nice way of keeping puffles happy!

  7. there is now 9 puffles!

  8. ive got eighteen black puffles on club penguin

  9. THESE ARE ALL THE TOYS I GOT FROM CLUB PENGUIN: a black puffle, a red puffle, a pink puffle(i had to get the pink one because it was the last puffle in the shops and i hate pink but i got it anyways)one small blue puffle, one small black puffle, one small red puffle, a bumblebee plush toy penguin, a elf plush toy penguin, a dj plush toy penguin, cowboy and lepricaun mix n match penguins, fish and a bard mix n match penguins,elite penguin force ds game and i might be getting the new club penguin wii game thats coming out!



  12. energy bars gives me the energy i need specially during heavy workouts ::

  13. yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoy

  14. give me a free member account please

  15. i would usually visit pet shops because my dog and cats can eat so much pet food in one day *~’

  16. I like to go to the pet shop. ( I just go there to be a pookie or buy stuff.) This did helped me. Oh, BTW my puffles are EVIL! EVIL I TELL YOU! EVIL!!!!!!

  17. Ummm actually since the new pet shop now there are brown puffles along with orange and now members can have 20 puffles.

  18. What if there was Club Puffle?

  19. We often manage to come across bad websites, and yet I was happy
    to locate yours. Best wishes.

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