The Non Member Vs. Member War

Yesturday at The Ice Berg,Town,Bolier Room,And the Snow Forts a war called the “Non Member Rights Of Freedom”Started and all members and non members were ready to begin but suddenly someone gave a speech called “Non Member Freedom Of Rights”was given by Maxam1illOn and here it is:

“We the Non Members of Club Penguin Should not be judged and not be allowed in the night club.”We are all the same Members are penguins and so are Non Members!”It is not fair to a lot of non members but we all have to deal about this.”We don’t need to fight but if we do then so be it.”

“All Non Members have to stop protesting against this and do something else Huge!!!”If they won’t let us in so be it we will destroy the Night Club if we have to.”If we have to destroy the Night Club then we will choose out of the four Damages we will do.

“The first is to burn it down,We will gather up each and every Non Member and surround the Night Club with Torches, Flamethrowers,Matches,AndFireballs if we have to and we will not back down.”We will blow it up using Bombs,Missle lauchers,Grenades,And d-4 Bombers if we have to.”We will flood it and lock the front door and make the windows out of stell by useing Water Hoses,Sprinkeler from the roof,and Fire Trucks If we have to.”And we also send in troops and shoot all members who stand with Snipers,Riflemen,And Machine gunmen.

“All Members and Non Members Were given rights all were given the SAME rights.” “If we go to war So Be It!”


The War lead to a Straight Virtory to a draw but a Sniper took out the last Member so the Non members won!!!!!!!!!!I wish it was still a draw but the party starts tomorrow at the Forest were it ended because of this speech.



9 Responses

  1. i was the leader

  2. lol thats my max!!! =D

  3. hey max… maxy pad.. hehe sry just teasin ^_^

  4. omg! this is the bomb!! like TOTALLY BETTER than your old one!!

  5. heh so ur dogs a fan of the steelers?? lol i LOVE THE STEELERS!! they like totally ROCK! i was so happy they won the last game!! hehe chea! ^_^ do u watch smack down raw??

  6. awe!! poor max!! hugz!! i hope u find ur dog! :((

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